My morning walk in the snowland

Would not think it is the end of April already, there goes the climate change, has been unusually cold for the past three weeks, sometimes I feel I am somewhere deep in Russia, they have established depression-groups just for the men locally here, because the society has a problem with the single men who have no women. This is my world.


Must be coming up to spring for you so hopefully a warmer summer.

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Awesome picture…

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We also have snow. It came yesterday. But flowers bloom in the snow. It is wierd.

We had the same this morning, lots of car accidents

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We have many single men with no woman here where I am. Yesterday I might have talked with six at least, sometimes I would like to have a woman too, I mean a real woman, not any prostitute or something like that, the big difference. A woman can have a real positive impact on the life of any single man.


OP snuck in a selfie.

lol lol just kidding. by the way, you look pretty cool, mjseu.