My monthly USA sports thread

So the mets are in the World Series…how about that? Never would’ve thunk it. I think the royals win because it’s a repeat from last year but could be good series.
But more importantly, basketball starts soon. Go uconn huskies…my favorite thing in the world to watch. Can’t wait.

What about those Vikes!?

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I’m trying to not think about the nfl this week after my jets blew it vs the patriots :cry:

Sorry man. I don’t really watch sports, just if I was a fan, it would be Vikings. Since I’m from Minnesota.

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I’m going to be in Detroit over Thanksgiving and suddenly decided I wanted to see the Lions since I will be able to see Ford Field from where I’m staying, but my roommate asked if we please could not instead.

Rangers are undefeated outside a three game loss streak they had. How is Detroit doing ?

Crying, well about the same, but throw in one ot loss. Won 3, lost 3, OT loss, OT win. Giving up a lot of shots and are already down 4 or so skaters to injury. Also have a truly stupid schedule, all back-to-backs and five day layoffs. Frustrating.

At least you stay true to your fanship :blush:

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