My mom's ghost followed me on my trip to New Jersey today

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My mom took her own life in October 2016. She’s been haunting me usually in my apartment especially in my bedroom. I can’t see her but I can sense her presence usually on top of a pile of stuff in the corner. I can’t hear her but she puts thoughts into my head to communicate. I usually cry when she’s around even though she is just keeping me company. She snuck onto the bus I took for my trip to New Jersey today now I’m head under a blanket crying.

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That’s very sad @Snail. I don’t believe in ghosts. Some people do. I hope you get to a spot where you feel more comfortable.


I used to not believe in ghosts but losing a lot of people has changed me. I’m not delusionally devoted to the spirits being real because it’s plausible that I knew my mom well enough to have a thought in my head that sounds like something she’d say.

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My mom stayed in the house for about a week or so after she passed. (We lived together) She would move past doorways and such and startle me. I finally said out loud, “stop it, Mom, you’re scaring me!” And she left.
Now I wish I had just talked with her instead of making her go. I didn’t need to be afraid.
I never believed in ghosts until my mom passed nine years ago. Now I do.


She doesn’t scare me I just get so sad when she’s around. She told me she’s happier dead because she’s not sick and aging anymore. She was only 58.

Sometimes she leaves or sleeps I don’t know maybe she’s going to other people she knew.

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I sense my dead grandfatther on my mom’s side is alive through a portal to the spirit world in my house. it’s strongest in my bedroom closet.

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I don’t believe in ghosts but I think people in heaven can look down upon you and see what you are doing so be careful what you do.

Or maybe it’s just more paranoia. Who knows.


I think you’re really lucky. It’s okay to be sad, and don’t think you can wait that out and it will change. I can think about one little thing about my mom and start crying… it will always be that way, and that’s ok.
I’m so sorry that she was too young and I’m so sorry for your loss. All the more reason to embrace her presence and try to glean comfort from it. :heartpulse:


It’s like I have an offline version of her in my head. It really eats me up inside that I’ll never get her input for real again. Like she died right before the USA presidential election and not to get too political, but it’s been a wild ride watching the news on current events, and I’d love to hear her reactions.

I don’t believe in ghosts, but after my dad died I would see him. It was probably a hallucination. We would talk, and I kept thinking he might stick around each time. I loved it so much that I neglected other areas of my life to try and force it to happen. The last time I saw him, I told him I couldn’t keep doing this, and I had to move on. He hugged me, and said he knew. And then he was gone. It sucked, but it helped me get back in touch with the real world and the living people who needed me.

I imagine you’re feeling quite conflicted about it right now. You love your mom and want to stay connected to her, but you also want to do well in your life. Hiding under a blanket and crying isn’t how your mom would want you to spend your life. You won’t forget about her if you move on. I haven’t forgotten my dad. But we need to keep going, because we are still alive and we are needed. It’s okay to start enjoying things in your life again. It’s okay to try to make the visions of your mom stop.


I’ve been getting a lot of advice like that but it just goes in one ear and out the other. My mom doesn’t want me to cry so much when she’s there but I do. It’s involuntary and different from when I cry when sad.

I don’t think people in my life really need me. Theyve gotten along fine in the past 2 years I’ve been so out of it, a lot of people I’ve gone so long without contacting I don’t know if they still want to be friends, or if I still do. I’m not really interested in activities anymore. I want to prove that sometimes grief really does last forever. No one believes me when I tell them it won’t get better.

I’ve lost most of those closest to me and the world’s going on without me. I spend most of my time alone. She probably didn’t want me to be so heartbroken for so long but I didn’t want to come home to a dead body on the couch.

A year before she died I thought of another close uncle who died in 2012 and how my mom was the last one who was there my whole life and I’d be really messed up when she died and I was right but I had no idea it’d be so soon.

Sometimes I look for more ghosts. The uncle’s mostly relaxing in Jamaica for his afterlife. He liked to go there on vacation.

I can’t go on like this forever but I’m not ready to stop yet. A legitimately mean doctor at a psych ward told me 2 years was long enough to get over a death and I was being too dramatic. (it had only been 18 months at the time) I know I have to bounce myself back eventually, but at the time I was so pissed that I told what she said to me to anyone who’d listen.

I’ve been thinking about going to the hospital again but I don’t want to be in the ER for hours or days.

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I had a boyfriend pass away and for a while there he was in contact with me after he died. He has since then stepped back. I don’t want to get into specific detail it sounds crazy. This was before I ever came down with schizophrenia.

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Everyone who has had a hard loss knows that this is true. It both does and does not get better. Now, there are fewer times when I am grieving. But some days, I’m lying on the couch all day, crying into a bowl of tomato soup (like my dad used to make) and looking through old pictures. Those days aren’t any less painful than when he died in my arms. But as time goes on, I’ve started to feel more happy than sad at memories of him. I can tell stories about his goofy pranks, and instead of crying, I laugh. I can talk to my siblings about the things I miss, and the things he would say if he was here now. When people say it gets better, that’s all they mean.

But you can’t force it to take more or less time than it’s going to take. The heart can’t tell time. One person might be able to reconnect with life after only two years. Another person might need ten. Some people never find a way to keep living.

Grief counseling helped me a lot. Your local hospice network might offer free grief counseling and support groups. Those people are specially trained in helping with the pain of losing a loved one. They really helped me. Talking to other living people is the only way I know of to remind myself that it’s possible to feel happiness again one day. Reach out to someone.

I lost a lot of friends, because many people are unequipped to handle another person’s grief. That’s just a sad truth. Death is a lot of people’s biggest fear, and they don’t want to be reminded it’s real. That’s why therapists can help. They can handle this really heavy subject.

I can also handle it, if you ever want to talk to me. It took years, but I’m now living a life I think my dad would be happy to see. I still think of him every day, and I keep his pictures up on my walls, but I can also appreciate the good things that still exist.


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