My mom wrote me something on an envelope... depressing

I get home from the movies etc. and I find an envelop where my mom said I --so and so/ so and so thinking she’s two people, that she thinks I shouldn’t believe in a diagnosis such as schizophrenia and that she disputed it and won. It was in perfect handwriting I even took a picture. It’s just really depressing as I’ve just come to terms with my diagnosis and then I find a note like that.

I’m sorry you are having to deal with this!If your mom has issues of her own,then it will be even harder to accept what is going on with you.Everyone deals with issues so differently.I have heard so many people struggling with family members.Stay strong!You have to do what is right for you to stay healthy.I’m not sure it matters so much what the official diagnosis is.What really matters is your happiness and wellbeing. ( :


Parents, like everyone else, make mistakes. Our parents frequently are not perfect - they are human just like us. Try to focus on the positive aspects and interactions you have with your parents, not the negative ones.