My mom won't talk to me

My mom called me while I was in walmart crying I couldn’t understand her very well and she hung up on me… I tried calling her back I even went to her house and she told me to leave I cried all the way home I tried called her this morning and she told me she doesn’t wanna talk to me. She’s never done this to me or my brother. It hurts and I now have to find a different venue for my wedding


Sorry to hear :frowning: I hope you’re doing okay …

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Did she mean forever or space while she’s dealing with something?

It sounds like she’s really dealing with something, I’d be very concerned

That’s very odd. Maybe she found it painful to hear you crying.

@Raelyn_Fenn she was crying not me

@MoonGarden I really was

@Pianogal I’m not sure but I’m done anyways

@Earthfire I’m not sure if I am or not


I’m so sorry to hear this. Sounds heartbreaking.

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I’m sorry @Twialine
Something must have happened.
I would go see her in person if I were you.

She might need your help.

@Wave last time I tried that she told me to leave… the thing that happened is my step dad’s headstone was placed yesterday

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Oh I thought you said you were crying… what’s wrong did you end up talking to her abut it?

@Earthfire she won’t talk to me like at all

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Oh I see… is it possible she’s undergoing psychosis and having some kind of delusion? This sounds like a major life event which can have that effect. Or perhaps dementia? Idk sorry not trying to make you worried just trying to help you figure out what going on.

It’s unusual for someone to suddenly refuse to talk to you. Especially a parent. Maybe I’m missing something.

@Earthfire I have no idea all I know is we aren’t on speaking terms and I’m fine with that… I was heart broken at first but now I’m fine

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Ok hope you’re doing okay. Hope she isn’t having a mental break down tho. Maybe you should keep trying

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Don’t give up! Work together with your fiancé and I’m sure it will be super rewarding😊

@Abise thanks but no thanks I’m done

oh man, that’s horrible !! give her some time and try to forgive her unless she is just one of those toxic people to you.

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@Twialine, I know you’re saying you’re done because it hurts so much but I really hope you can wait for her to calm down and repair the relationship

Hope you can work things out with your mom @Twialine.