My mom went to a

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…shaman and she told my mother that:
-My muscular dystrophy will be cured
-I exaggerate my symptoms
-My physical disability is really a mental illness
-I overthink symptoms and make it the worst possible thing

My mom claims that this shaman knows everything and the shaman told her everything about me! I am just…wow. First of all, I don’t really want my privacy violated. Second of all, my muscular dystrophy is not fake. Third of all, I feel that my mom payed this person too much money to hear the “future”. I know that this is for fun and all, but this is the reason why I can’t be sure if I’ve been told the correct info from my doctor.

I feel gaslighted- again. I am so confused!

Poor mom for going to this person and paying for it. I just think that this shaman gave her false hope.

P.s. my mom is feeling a lot better today. She is up and about in her daily life now. She promised me that she will go to the doctor to check out why she has frequent headaches.

I believe in shamans but this person sounds crooked. That’s so messed up to say this about someone and why did she tell you shout it? Definitely gaslighting

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I don’t necessarily believe in shamans but this person doesn’t know a thing about my physical illness. Total gaslighting and I am so confused now.

Shamanism carry’s a lot of ignorance.
Although definitely a lot of wisdom
I’d be weary of this guy…
But he may be right on the other hand .
Is he going to tell a person with Down syndrome the same thing? Lol

Is he aware of physical illnesses ?
Does he also believe your autism and schizophrenia is made up in your mind as well?

I’ve visited shamans lamas.tcm practitioners ,all super beneficial
But there just is something they don’t understand about the way I process things…
I wish there were more education on illnesses in the spiritual community…
People should be more integraltheory…

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I think Shamanism is real, but we have lost the art of it and people pretend like those psychics on the TV.

I am sorry they were judgemental about you. That is not nice

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Shamans, psychics, fortune tellers, palm readers, astrologists etc. To me they are just entertainment; kind of fun in a way to go to but I wouldn’t base anything in my life by what they say or take anything they say seriously. I know you’re in a serious position @laetitia because your mom believes that stuff, but to me, the only fun to me personally is hearing the stuff they’re wrong about.

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Exactly! Lol, I know you meant something different but this way about sums it up for me.

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I mean I don’t believe in them. But I just feel like my mom is believing in this person and she’s thinking that my MD will get cured. It’s false hope. And I’m here thinking, “Is my MD even real?”

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I’m sorry, your mom just wants the best for you and is maybe a little desperate to believe in this guy. That’s how they make their money.

Shamans and most “spiritual” healers and con artists and people with untreated psychosis. I’m sorry your mom fell for this lie.

I told her not to go, but she still went. She said she wanted to look for our “future” even though she is Catholic and our religion forbids someone from engaging in a person like this. I feel horrible because I feel she is ignoring the doctor and everything and just…urgh it tears me apart into pieces.

Also I don’t believe a word that this person says. And I feel horrible about my poor mother.

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Yeah, unfortunately, those people tend to prey on the elderly. (I’m not sure how old your mom is).

Not all people with schizophrenia need treatment. A flawed view which leads to forced drugging and obese patients.

I’d argue and quite rightly if your recover from 1st episode psychosis and you don’t need meds then your not sz. Don’t get me wrong a lot of people do but for most of us around here it’s meds for life on our current technology.

People don’t take antipsychotics if they don’t need them. You have to remember this is a pro medication website and if you hang around long enough you’ll see the wisdom in that approach.


My paternal grandma read tea leaves. She was very good and did it professionally when she needed money back in the war days. She was a lovely woman but she read people better than she read tea leaves. That’s the game. A good psychic reads people and tells them what they want to hear.

As an aside she had the same birthday with my grandpa. What he didn’t know till later was she was 10 years older than him. Gotta love my tea reading grandma. She knew how to play the game but was an absolutely special person. Even with no money she’d give it all away and tell you that you spend it on yourself. Amazing woman.

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That’s so cool! It’s good that she didn’t charge her clients. My mom payed 100 dollars for this session and that’s a lot of money.


I had an episode when I was 17 and they nearly diagnosed me then. I was on meds for two years and then didn’t get psychotic again until I was 23.

I had a med free period of four years and it came back and I have been on meds full time now for 8 years

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