My mom was pretty ignorant even though she had a Masters Degree from college

I was looking at my court records for my hearing that I was dangerous to myself or others. The judge dismissed her case as without merit.

I am remembering when I was a convenience store clerk and had a rough night because ABC was out and about trying to bust store employees for underage alcohol sales. It’s up to a $10,000 fine and five years in jail. A clerk at the convenience store down the street called and warned us ABC was around. ABC means Alcohol Beverage Control.

My mom cut loose on me saying the police don’t have the time to arrest me for underage alcohol sales and that I was paranoid. I was nearly busted once when a 20 year old tried to buy some beer and gave me a military ID. I was being friendly back then because I was new in retail sales. I told him that I sympathized with him being in the military but I couldn’t sell him the beer because he isn’t 21 and they were really strict about it in Arkansas. After I said that a sheriff’s patrol car pulled into the parking lot with the blue lights flashing. They didn’t arrest me because I declined the sale, but I think the cops wanted to impress me not to sell to underage people. I had only worked in retail sales maybe two months when that happened.

Anyway I never could understand why my mom used to be a know-it-all. I ID’ed a guy who got really nasty with me then gave me his DWI paperwork that does have a picture. I couldn’t legally sell him beer without a valid government issued photo ID. This guy got violently angry when I didn’t sell him the beer.

I’m supposed to sympathize with my mom who was a public school teacher, but she never sympathized with me being a store clerk. I worked in her field as a substitute school teacher for awhile before I went into retail sales. The pay was like $20 or $40 a day as a substitute teacher (back in 1994). You can make more than that working at Walmart for minimum wage. I heard Walmart pays more than minimum wage to start now though.


My relationship to my Mother wasn’t entirely harmonious.

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Thanks @Jayster

My mom doesn’t have a college degree. She’s a workaholic with her own business. At 62 she’s still working all the time. I have a good bond with her but she’s kinda tough.


Thanks @Jonathan2 My mom really doesn’t know about Sz and couldn’t comprehend I wasn’t talking to her. She seemed to comprehend I talked to the TV set though. She alleged that I claimed to talk to God and that God talked to me which wasn’t true. I only heard God once. I did pick up a knife and said not to mess with me tonight, but that was to whoever came in the front door of her house, not her.

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I just got copies of my court records Friday from 2008 to have me involuntarily admitted to the psych hospital. I wasn’t on any medication back then because I didn’t have health insurance.

It’s kinda of ironic, but here I am with Sz but I worked as a substitute teacher and sold alcohol & cigarettes in retail sales. The teachers I substituted for liked me because I would catch the students doing stuff they aren’t supposed to be doing. But they require a background check now to substitute and mental illness is no longer allowed. One teacher said I got everyone of her trouble bubbles with a referral slip to the vice principals office.

I think I got SSDI because I was no longer allowed to substitute because of my Sz. I don’t know for sure though because a lawyer filed everything, and I have no idea what he alleged.

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