My mom just bought


My mom just bought plane tickets for my husband and 2 younger kids to visit her in Florida in March! I’m so grateful!


Wow, what a great gift! Hope you enjoy the trip.


Thanks @disciple! I know the men will follow me so I hope I handle it well.


Just try and focus on your family and the reason for the trip. Maybe that will take your mind off the men.


talk to your pdoc about the men following you…you aren’t well. I hope you get help but I am glad you are flying to see your mom.


Thanks @jukebox and @disciple! @jukebox, no medication has convinced me that the men aren’t real. My pdoc knows all about them. But thanks :slight_smile:


try generic fluphenazine it’s what I am on…10 mg twice a day…stable as a rock.


I agree with @jukebox. If you can cope with them some first generation, typical meds can be very effective

I am on fluanxol


That’s wonderful @Pianogal!
So nice of your Mom!


@jukebox. I just got off fluphenazine. It didn’t work for me. Or at least, it didn’t change thoughts/beliefs.


@Jimbob as far as I know, I haven’t tried that one yet.


@Jimbob, my insurance doesn’t cover that one. I just called to check.


Oh sorry to hear that. Wishing you well with your search for a med

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