My mom is so fustrating idk what to do

if i become angry for some reason my mom says directly to me go take your pills
whole day i do nothing special but she always calls me when doing some interesting stuff and she disturbs me
i talked to her several times have some courtesy for me but she accidently comes up which distubs me
she accidentally disturbs me but she never mean it
i dont know what should i do this is so bad
when i say swearing words by mouth to someone else or even for timepass she cant tolerate it

Welcome to the forum, @Halfpac.

I’d say, if you’re a minor,

Your mom kind of being in your business is part of it.

If you’re grown,

I’d say move out.

Whenever I’m depressed, anxious, manic or angry my father will say take Klonopin.

This infuriates me.

i am grown
but i cant go out there is lot of covid and other problerms out there which looks like god of death out there


when my mom says similarly to me i internally feel like wat the hell is this im not mad rn and its just stupid

welcome to the forum =)

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Welcome to the forum! In regards to leaving the house, maybe you should get some therapy to work on that so that you can move out on your own.

Oh, my mom says the same thing lol, wave… I was so closed in myself, i turned so limited in my ‘‘me’’ in my illness, that i was obeying everything. Now, i let go my emotions, but my mom says also to take some klonopins sometimes…

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but its literally risky to go out there for me says my mom and its like if someone is not listening to what she gives advices that person falls into forever kind of risk
she also says to go outside when me and my moms arguement gets on btw she is very good and benificary peron anybobody can have in thier life
i can go outside i have not much problerm rn

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