My mom is really clumsy, I think its due stress and poor vision, anything can be done?

My mom keeps breaking stuff all the time, shes clumsy and rigid. Shes broken all our new cups she broke something yesterday and this morning. She sleeps only like 6 hours a day. Shes stressed at work, but she got really poor vision and often doesnt wear glasses at home if shes not watching tv. I know that she could get laser eye surgery, but she was clumsy when her vision was poor. She was once prescribed some med for “weird behaviour” by a psychiatrist, she stopped taking due to high prolactin. Should i talk her into taking antidepressants? She is not on keen taking pills, as she often stops even allergy treatment. She is one of those people that doesnt have a clear insight into her problems

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There’s probably not much you can do. It sounds like she doesn’t want help. Get sturdy household items. Plastic and not glass! Lol.

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Maybe you should talk her into laser eye surgery. I would say getting improvement in vision is first step to take.

It could be cataract.

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