My mom is gonna admit me

even though the fault is her behavior… feelin’ screwed

They’re admitting me… ■■■■ i dont want to go

Don’t get violent, just go, talk to a nurse about any confrontation that lead to this event, and then say you do not feel that you are being psychotic. That you aren’t a danger to you or your mother, that if you did do anything domestically that you did so in self defense.

I’m not a legal advisor. They do have a duty to report abuse. You may not want to escalate this to that degree even if you’re upset. So be careful with what you say.

If your mum is violent, maybe it will be good for you to get out for a bit. Just look at it as somewhere to recuperate

Why would she lie to get you admitted?
Are you sure she’s not right to admit you?
What exactly happened?

They probably can’t answer anymore. The inhouse unit I was at didn’t allow for digital devices if I recall.

I have 1% battery

I’m in the ambulance