My mom disagrees with me but she can’t argue with it

I explain to her where I’ve come with my delusions. How i don’t believe in a messiah. But I do believe people can change the world. And if I stay on this path I have potential to impact people. And everything I say makes sense. I say Tupac wasn’t considered potentially all that great until he was like 22 years old and he only lived 3 years after that. But I explained how people doubted him but he believed in himself and he impacted a lot of people. And I believe in myself the same way Tupac did. And how are you gonna tell someone to not believe in themselves. She has no argument rather just doesn’t want me to believe i Can be great.

It’s sad what happened to Tupac.

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I just got out of a discussion with my mother.

Her demans:
1 I should drink less coffee
2 I should smoke less ciggaretes
3 I should eat healthy
4 I shouldn’t slam the doors and closed them gently
5 I should be more mature financially

I told her if that is what she thinks it’s wrong with me then Im a Fricking “God”. Most people have many more problems then that

I see what you’re mother is saying @Jonnybegood
She doesn’t Want you to be disappointed and hurt that’s why she doesn’t Want your hopes up

when my mother says these things

I try to tell her, it’s not something I don’t already know

your’e pointing out the obvious.

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Prove yourself to her. You can do it. You are great!

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