My miracle

It was 2001. I was on the interstate, on my way home. I suddenly felt like I was going to pass out. I took the next exit, and, instead of curving, I went into a ravene, unconscious, hit a 100 year old tree, spun around, then flipped the car side to side, making the doors and windows impossible to escape.

I was on airport property. There was a police/fireman by the name of Mark Todd (he received an award for this) who said, all of a sudden he felt the need to patrol where no one usually did. He finally did so. Then his headlights reached something metallic.

He drove over to see what it was. Somehow I got out of a car with the doors and windows impossible to get out of, and I had my purse and golf umbrella(the metallic thing reflected)with me. I was at the top of the ravene.

My injuries were as followed: broken C6, C7, T1, ribs, both left arm bones, left wrist in three places, and a head injury. That’s the miracle. There’s no way i made it on my own.

How the hell did i get there? I’ll let all y’all think that over.

Can i get a WHOOP WHOOP? lol


Raise the roof work?

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Something similar happened to me. Police said I am the luckiest they have seen and to buy a lotto ticket. Mine was a suicide attempt. I was at 200kmh on snow and ice. My car flipped 2-3 times on ice in a snowstorm, it landed on its top in the highway. I broke the window and got out. Ppl saw me and called the police.

Luckily all I had was a bleeding knee and glass pieces in my eyes that Drs in the emergency removed. I didn’t want to go to the emergency but police forced me to go. I wanted to die that day. They though I was on drugs as I was driving at nearly 200Kmh on snow and ice, they made me do physical tests for drugs.



I’m glad you survived. I may not be able to play the piano anymore, may not be able to lift more than 20 pounds, may not get over flashbacks, but I’m alive and thankful every day.

A thing that makes it for real… Mark’s wife and I worked together.


Yes that’s the most important.


Wow thank God you are alive @JustTrish and @Aziz!


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