My mind plays trick on me, there is nothing i can do or get help

I get a lot of false memories, i cant distinguish between true and false, i dont know if my medication is low, or it has already damaged my brain in that way, my false memories are not single false memorie,
Its a story with lot of false memories, but when i confirm some of those memories with my best friends it never happend, and i cant complitly tell all of the memories to confirm if it happend or not, i am not having delusion, with medication i am only getting all type of false memories, i am searching online nobuddy having this symptoms. I am tired of not sleeping well with constant false memories.

I get false memories all the sucks because theyre based around memories I actually have, just with a little extra something added. For me that’s what makes it so hard to distinguish from reality. Hope you start feeling better soon :c

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What is your diagnosis except schizo related?

There are things I wish I didn’t remember, but they are too true.

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Bipolar & schizophrenia along with ptsd.

Thanks, i wonder if ptsd will cause false memories, i know some OCD does.

No problem. I think in my case it may have something to do with it, since almost all my false memories occur around the traumatic events that caused my ptsd.

i dont know if its the same for me. but it sounds like, what i am thinking sometimes. i thought about it before. when my mood changes my memories changes. i see thing from my mood or something.

I am also thinking that this memories could be withdrawal symptom, i have been taking 2mg since 2006 and recently i started reducing my medication, i stoped on 1mg since november 19, its almost 3 months now, will this withdrawal last this long, i think i have to hang on for another month and see, were its taking me.

Before i was put on medication and i lived with delusion on and off but i dont remember having false memories, my first false memorie that i remember was after medication, risperdal.

yes i feel that way to. hard to tell what happened

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I think a lot of people here have false memories…Seems like a common symptom.

I get them some times. They are like normal memories with telepathy added in making me feel like it was always there. Have to fight it. I know my life used to be normal.

My last stupid false memory was, that i remember a guy that i know was told that the government found out that i am genetically related to jesus, i kind of believed in that memory, i think there was some delusion involved, but it lasted about 2 hours.

I’m sorry your having to fight through this. This can make a person very tired trying to get the memory on track. It can also make it hard to know what to do next. I hope you have some luck fighting this.

As far as nothing to do… do you write stuff down… go back and re-read it? Or talk about it with anyone like a therapist or someone not directly involved?

My memory for past events is so shaky as it is. Add the false ones and the misperceptions due to drugs… and yes… I have ended up with many false memories and odd beliefs.

It’s taken a lot of work to untangle the real stuff from the stuff my head knit together. I have a female cousin with red hair… my kid sis has red hair… I find I keep thinking my sis did stuff that actually the older cousin did.

There are a few other deeper false memories… some mixed with hallucinations some mixed with delusions. I don’t like them either way.

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I just took a note that all of those false memories lasted for 10 days, now its over but this memories will remain with me for sometime, even though i get cured, i will still remember those memories. And i always will be in doupt if those memories are true or not.

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My belief in those memories might be over… but what I remember about the incident stays with me for a very long time.

I hate it when I act on the false information my brain gave me. What gets me down is… some of the memories were rather nice. So when it turns out to be a false memory… it makes me sad.

@Mindwhisperer it does sound like as if you are experiencing some pretty intense symptoms.
Remember, there is no defeat or shame if you have to go back up on your meds or switching to another antipsychotic could be a good option for you as well.
There is no need to suffer these kind of symptoms - meds can help - Good luck to you on whatever you decide to do

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Thanks wave, for now i want to give another month, it may be withdrawal, my false memories started when i reduced 0.25mg from 2mg. This is the only way i can find out, there isnt any article that states what people have experienced when reducing antypsychotic after many years of taking it.

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Its a delusion I have those a lot. There like imaginary landscapes

It cant be delusion. When false memories pops up, and i am able to confirm it by asking very close person, who plays role in that memory, and they dont recall that memory. I become stable right away.