My mind is tired


Radium destroys. Man, did I ever learn that one. In the 40’s, using radium is medicine was new and had everyone raving about it. Little did they know the harm it was causing. I still feel fatigue from treatments done on my head as an infant.


Why did you get radium? What was it supposed to treat?


I had a hemangioma. I’ve heard they’ll just go away but I don’t know much about them.


In the 40s? How old are you?


I’ll be 75 this July.


A hemangioma is just a birthmark. You should be ok


I should have been ok, yes, but the doctor took advantage of us and really did damage. He was an unscrupulous doctor. There are those out there. The hemangioma is long gone as it was radium burned out of our in to my head for good.


What do you think will happen as a result of hemangioma?


I’m not concerned about what will happen to what was burned out of existence. That’s like asking what will happen as a result of a mole that’s been removed. It is GONE. As to what caused it, I am still learning. I think mother was stoned (for marrying a German) when I was an embryo. That trauma may have caused the growth.