My mind is like two directions road

I am not occasionally hear voices
They live with me watch with me tv
Two directions road

My mind is not closed not secret place
It is radio
Voices come and go
People i know i never heard of them
They tell me things to do and not to do

What do the voices typically say?

We want to make you spy
They speak like my own thoughts but they r strange than mine
They also say we want you to love egypt
They occasionaly comment on things i do
When i going to do thing
If i going to Do they say not to do and opposite is ooposite

i know its hard. do you just let them play? just kind of random aren’t they. you poor thing. we were given a sound mind. can you still tell the right thing to do, often… may you be blest.

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Sometime i feel i am not ok
Sometime the opposite
I dont know anything

sometimes i feel not OK too. Its in how you live that makes you feel better or not usually. But sometimes its how the disease makes you feel, good or bad. I certainly want you to feel accepted and loved here.

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