My mentality is a gift and a curse

I have a mentality that “everything happens for a reason” and “struggling can make you a better person” and “God wants me to succeed”…These three things have given me great benefit. I have recovered a great amount becomes of my beliefs, whether they are “unusual beliefs” or just beliefs… But regardless, I think a lot of people get jealous when you kick ass and they try to bring you down. They’d rather wallow in their own pain than think there’s a possible way out and you become a target if you are doing too well or too happy. And it confuses them. “Why is this kid happy and I’m not?” Instead of saying “I should be more like him” they get bitter, envious, jealous and wallow in their own grief. And then they do their best to bring me down.

Well I had my therapy session today, and she said that if I didn’t have PTSD, then being verbally abused would have bothered me in a completely different way. We do EDMR and tapping, and I gotta say, the tapping really freaking helps with overcoming traumas. she says if we get underneath all my traumas I can face the world and not be bothered by things that would normally trigger off my past traumas. She says the trauma of being bullied at work yesterday brought back memories to childhood bullying and triggered off a part of my brain that reminded me of the past. We had a good session I felt much better afterwards. She always says “everyone has issues”…I asked “If everyone has issues, then why do some people take their anger out on other people while other people like my boss, then me, I just have issues but could never harm a fly in practically my entire life”. She said something that made me believe, even though nurture is huge in development, nature is equally important. I may have just friendlier nature. Because I’ve had all the traumas that should make a man angry at fellow man. But my nature is different.


Well some of this is true… I’d like to throw in my two cents.

People only have the power over you if you give it to them.

There are too many people in the world to expect everyone to transcend jealousy, intimidation, greed, competitive motivations… etc. (Don’t dwell on immaturity seen in others. Just because you are wise, doesn’t mean you have to tend to the flock.)

We all are only responsible for ourselves.

At the end of the day was is most precious is being content with the self, regardless of others opinions.

Beyond that you’re pretty much spot on. We’re akin in a lot of this.

People go beyond behaving poorly for justifiable reasons. Some folk have no issue with being wrong or doing bad things. You can’t hold those sorts of folk accountable. They do wrong intentionally and no guilt can be pinned to them. That’s why they invented the devil. Everyone has always thought those folk should get theirs.

Just know you aren’t alone. Stoicism has a strange draw to it, but also it can keep you out of a lot of ■■■■. Some folks are just left stuck winning in the moment… they can’t even wrap their head around the larger picture.

Mind your cultural reciprocates. Don’t feed into bad paradigms and you can earn a sense of innocence and acceptance that there just are a lot of ■■■■■■ up human beings out there.

The human being is an intricate machine. It’s very fragile in so many ways and like your therapist was saying. Nature is a significant factor. Some peoples lives are ruined in regards to normal standards before they even get started.

Always being willing to grant a helping hand and know that you should not expect anything in return.

I do like you chew… I like that you conjure up moralistic philosophy all the time. I think everything is bound to make sense to you and it will wind up feeling just the way you like it.

People are jaded, snide, self-entitled… and it all stems from the need for psychological compensation justifying their right to make a mess of everyone else’s heads. From the outside things have a tendency to seem clearer than they do to the person inhabiting a life.

You can trust everything could have a positive end, but it’s not God that insures this. It’s work.

There have already been an untold number of human beings who have died alone, in pain, starving, and sad… it is an element of human existence. Suffering with no relent until death. Right now a global society is forming. It won’t give up on it’s richness and pleasures… but in the long run it will usher in prosperity and the availability of adequate sustenance for all… at least the potential for it.

Between here and there though, all there is is work.


This is actually kind of what my therapist was saying man. Well worded a little differently but meaning the same exact thing. She says this is what I need to work on really. Worrying about myself. I feel I wasn’t ready for the abuse I got at work. But it was meant to happen. She believes that everything happens for a reason and it was exactly what she needed to work on with me today. She said it brought to light some things, and her solution is exactly what you said in the quoted box. So your insight is spot on.

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Bruce Springsteen

“Something in the Night”

You’re born with nothing
And better off that way
Soon as you’ve got something they send
Someone to try and take it away
You can ride this road 'til dawn
Without another human being in sight
Yeah, just kids wasted on
Oh, something in the night

A hard fact. Life is brutal.

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I had such a good couple of months then bam my world comes crashing down very quick. Is that what life is all about?

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Yes, you already know this.

Just two months ago my world was crashing every day. But a good nights sleep could get me back on track.

Life is a gift and a curse… i was taking the good with the bad… this was not working… now ill take the good and use the bad energy to do anything other than worry… well i try anyway… good luck on the path…