My mental stamina is getting better

I become more honest with myself. Not playing with theories or imagination.
I challenge what I see and what I hear. Not just feel what I see and what I hear and what I touch.
Mental stamina is better because I am more willing to queue for traffic lights.
Not judging based on past experience. Learn new things, yes, but more attempts to find out the reasons myself, not simply rely on readily available information.
Are these signs my mind is getting better? Personally, I think so. It is like something is crawling in the head, indicate the movements of thoughts?


And I think allow mistake to take place is okay. More mental stamina means better tolerance? I feel like my head is a stone in the past, I would prefer it softer and elastic now.


I would attract attention in the past, but I think maturity means allow diversity to happen.

Sorry, I feel like I am talking to myself…not aware that this is a public forum.


@blessed1, thank you for your so many likes!

Glad you feel you’re getting better @Plumber

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Thank you. I’m quite happy especially for a weak mind like mine can grow older and better.

Now the problem is I am not aware that I am talking to people (on this forum). I always think I am talking to myself.


Lol that’s alright… Nobody really minds I think

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I do self talk to keep my spirits up and tell myself what to do next.
Because if I don’t remind myself, I’ll forget in the next minute.


I talk to myself to remind me that the voices aren’t real or the things I see can’t be really there. I also self talk if I have a decision to make.


You have made real progress. YOU know you have. We always feel alone in our communications with others. It seems like there isn’t anyone there. So we talk to ourselves. We’re just brighter, smarter, more insightful, more perceptive than normal people.

Did Albert Einstein talk to other people? Wasn’t he a good communicator? What you say gets across to me, I know - that which I can understand.