My mental disease history

Hope everything will be back to normal in me like how I actually am
To live normal life
After all this thing’s I have my damaged, or repetitive changing flaws
Damaged or repetitive changed mind(which includes concious subconscious nowadays unconscious), feelings emotions and soul
It just keeps on continuing
With anything I don’t want legitimate way
I don’t believe in my death it’s impossible
Can’t fall in better future
Can’t go for unknowingly problematic things I never actually tried
I don’t want to go in new kind of big problems which is in me or on me, myself
Can’t solve problems
Mom says I’m fine go to studies don’t show other people that I have mental disease and I suffer mental disease
Dad takes profit my problems
Just does exactly what is normal
My reputation is worst nowadays
I am bankrupt
I don’t understand how do other people know everything about me like what I am thinking
Even after that I’m normal I want to win my life before disease started
Everything is so evil that in future my parents will
Is there anyway that brain senses working can be changed like this happens to me every day
It all started from
Having me and my childishness and my everything is getting cannibal eaten by my mental disease I also get regenerated everyday
It’s like live to suffer more
I am normal mad person
It’s been 8 years and I love it
Today’s date my sexuality problems
Above was about me

I’m not suffering from following neither I’m that

Hope no one suffers like this
All it started from vohi chutiya concept
A guy with Asian paints on his body
Some other genderly dude
He was rich guy earlier
Everybody calls him chutiya
In loud voice
He is sad guy with frown face
All he wears is white underwear
Nothing else
And his brain is no life
All he does is washes buffaloes in worst looking
Cow shed
He is officially indian
If someone baths in morning he is that
Whole India is searching for that guy Making sure that who is he
Reason why I hear wohi toch chutiya
That was just frictional character not real person

I hear gay word continuously on first year because my enemies attempt to make me gay
Because they itself are

There are so many kind of poop concepts

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