My memory sharpness ?!

I am not sure if Ativan has affected my memory so much - but I just have extreme memory loss I don’t know what to do.
It like - I do something or say something and in an hour or in a day - I say and do the exact same thing. :sob:

I just don’t even have a clue it is something I have said or done and I wonder what people around me think?

It is scaring me. Maybe this is why I got fired too.

U can again try sleepy bug …!!!

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Remember benzos are strong medications, they can affect your cognition negatively for sure. Also they are very addictive so taking them may be a slippery slope.

Oh god - I had no clue. I had to take them for around a year :sob: Omg I am freaking out.

Does it improve now that I have stopped?

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Ativan is a great medication, really helps you mellow out. Benzos taken long term can cause memory loss. The sooner you get off them the quicker your memory will return.

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I don’t think I will ever take it again.

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When I used to take xanax I experienced bad memory loss. It happened whenever I took them but completely stopped when I didn’t take them anymore.

I would think ur memory should get better

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Maybe you could start doing some basic calculations in your mind such as 34 x 53 and so on, over 10 years ago I noticed that my father started having dementia and then I developed this type of calculations that he then solved in his mind. It helped him.

I’ve taken Ativan for 2.5 years. It has been the greatest medication I’ve been on, and for some reason has brought me back to being close to normal. It is not a typical thing to happen and could lead to other Diagnosis/ as my illness is complicated with having a traumatic brain injury aswell.

-cognitive abilities/memory could be possibly disrupted/damaged as when I quit taking them I’m in the middle of nowhere in my mind, but when I take them I can focus decently again


Memory might be there, I know I get worried and my brain gets racing thoughts, or to cluttered drifting from one thought to another, then I start forgetting stuff, so tiring all of it

I’ve noticed that my memory has gotten worse over the past 2 years. Even before that I remembered when I had almost a photographic memory when I was in high school. I really hope my memory condition worsening plateaus or I may be experiencing dementia or something.

Also @sleepybug your new profile pic is glamorous.

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