My memory is so bad

I have problems even for remember what I was doing yesterday… Someone can relate?


Its called cognitive impairment…myshort term memory is an ass…wait for future.hope.we will get better medication soon…

My memories improved by doing memory work therapy. Down side is no idea if some memories are false memories but you know which ones are.

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If it continue getting worse… I hope new meds for it come fast, but I don’t know… I can’t imagine the day really.

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How do you did it ? :slightly_smiling_face:

What time iz it in spain…what are u doing… watching tv…??

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I just wake up (10:30 am) because my mom call me, but I’m tired because the other day was the “Noche de San Juan” to welcome the summer, and I guess alcohol is still in my sistem :neutral_face: haha … :slightly_frowning_face:
Here it’s sunny but with clouds. How about you??

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I am taking nap …just woke up…its 2:14 here in nepal…lunch time…what did u had in breakfast…

Memory work therapy I meant

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Comes and goes with me, I get lost in other thoughts then forget what is more important, If I get racing thoughts, I get even worse and forget a lot of things


Hi, I supplement with omega 3, just 10g per day which might help with memory. Nevertheless, on benzodiazepines it didn’t help at all. That’s why I changed from Latuda to Clozapine and now my memory is A-ok!

10g it isn’t a super high dose??

My memory is terrible. But somehow about 50 times per day i remember awful hallucinations and voices i had 5 yrs ago.

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I have a terrible memory. I went from a’s and b’s to failing grades in college. my memory just wouldn’t work anymore.

It is just 10000mg … 10 x 1000 capsules, so fairly high!

My memory really lets me down too. And then some things that I do manage to remember were actually things I dreamt or imagined and then mixed up with what really happened

Who are you people??? and GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

My memory is flat…i cant even remember a simple thing…

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I was also question that to my psychiatric. So he changed my meds.