My memory has taken a real hit

I forget so many words and names. I forget which bands did which albums etc.

I even forgot the name of my hospital

This poor memory has increased dramatically in the last 2 months.

I fear dementia tbh. I have a pdoc appointment in 4 weeks time so will bring up my concerns then


Don’t know if this helps

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Yeah luckily I have been taking a daily multivitamin and multimineral for a couple of years


You could use your phone to note down things you forget. I use my phone as a 2nd brain basically.


I think the world is shifting in terms of memory and what needs to be remembered. We can store all those things like band albums, songs, books, cars, places etc all on a digital memory.

Its just how things are going. That actually frees up our mind for more important stuff :blush:

Like cat videos! :sweat_smile:

Dont sweat it if your forgetting details or specifics @Jimbob


That is a really interesting concept! Thanks @LevelJ1

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