My meds and little bit of agitation here

I am on 10 mg of zyprexa and 1000 mg of Depakote… but I am a little bit excited, agitated. myex pdoc was saying that zyprexa has an antidepressive effect… in my head,i have the big paranoia that I am a genetic ugly monster. my mom is sure my illness is genetic. she often says that this runs in my father’s family. she call this thing ‘‘something’’ and this sentence is scaring me… I think that I have my pupils dilated? do you think that I should worry or its because ive started zyprexa recently(1 month and a half)?
sorry for the question but I am worried

Pupils dilated? And you’re just on Zyprexa and depakote? That’s odd. I am on a benzo and my pupils are always big because of it. I’m not sure about why yours are dilated. There’s a number of possible reasons pupils dilate, so I can’t say anything with any certainty.

Could be the depakote. That’s a mood stabilizer, and I’ve never taken those so I am not familiar with things like pupil size on depakote. It’s also used for seizures, I do know that. You know, probably is the depakote. I’ve taken Zyprexa but I was also on Xanax so that confuses why my eyes were dilated.

My eyes are always dilated because I am always on Xanax.

thanks for the answer Mortimer… me too,i don’t know why they are dilated… I am also agitated like I say… I cant think properly still in these moments…I get more agitated in the evening… I think that this could be zyprexa but I am not sure…
somebody else who was agitated because of his ap and with the time it got better?

Check for side effects in Zyprexa. I got an unusual sideffect from it. Rapid heart beat, low blood pressure dizziness and vomiting. It showed after two-three weeks of treatment.

You sound more cheerful than you did. I’m happy for you. Different med’s can affect people differently. When I was on Zyprexa I craved sweets, even more than I crave caffeine, which is a lot. I asked my doctor to take me off it because I was afraid I would get diabetes. Zyprexa can do that to you. If you notice signs of impending diabetes you might try Geodon and Seroquel. That combination worked really well for me with few side effects. Some people on this site have said they struggled with Seroquel, though. You just have to find what works best for you.

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