My meds..151516

4 mg respridal

Hi guys what are u upto…

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I see two kinds of meds !! Haha



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There are two different med one is antipsychotic and the other one iz different i forgot its name…have a woderful day ahead…what time is it in spain…

Hi @far_cry0 I am upto 2 things:

  1. Go on disability.
  2. Erase graffiti that makes me angry.

I will try to further these things tomorrow, it depends on the time that I wake up but I will do my best.

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:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: I say the same to you
Here it’s a super good day, full of sun. What about your country??

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Erez u should choose to go for disability…we know it is uncurable illness…if u go on disability u will get alot of facilities…from money to free medicine…soory to say u too cant work for now…get help urself i know u are kind soul…things will get better …furture seems hopefull… we dont have such facilities in our country…god bless u buddy…sorry for poor english…take care erez.i know u are rich…bye for now…

Its 9.09 pm in the night…trying to get sound sleep…

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@far_cry0 If I could I would quickly land a job.
I don’t know if ideally I would like to work, but as of today if healthy I would quickly land a job, whatever job I seek.
It is Ok to move abroad, wherever the situation is more favorable.
In any case the capacity to find a job is much better if you seek in the whole world is much better than just
in Israel, I will seek worldwide and whatever happens, happens.
But I stand a good chance to find something even in Israel.

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Indeed @far_cry0 I don’t want to talk about work, I will just say that if I seek work I will probably move abroad,
I want to move abroad, jobs should be sought in an environment that is good,
in Israel the population is not good.
I hate the Israeli population.

Why so do you hate them?

I like people who don’t work.

Like the homeless?

I think that housing should be free.
Including electricity and water.

Yeah but if it costs money to make it it has to cost money to use it

No it doesn’t cost!
Use 3d printing technology!

Even printing the house costs the printer , people to run it, the materials it uses, and then all the fixtures of the home

Plus cost of the land

If you Use 3d and build a skyscraper, it turns out very cheap per housing unit.

If you want cheap there are those available. You said free

In Israel for example there is no cheap housing.