My major tranquillizer would knock a bull elephant out

i wonder is it the same ingredient to sedate a animal?

im gonna give my dog some zyprexa tonight to see…

only joking

Years ago when I was taking major doses,
It was a small source of pride
"But I’m still walking!"

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my zyprexa works wonders

Last year when I was taking 800 mg of Seroquel, my husband took one pill !

I forget why the hell why.
I think he said he wanted to see what it would do to a normal brain !?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


thats funny hehe

I keep telling my in laws, and partner that I’m on sedating meds, but they don’t believe me. They think I should be wide awake through out the day.

When I get my injection my doctor sometimes gets some in his hands and says “maybe I’ll be calm this weekend”

I hate the typicals with a passion.

I take trazadone for a sleep aid. knocks me right out.

I began Vistaril last night. Today, I could hardly walk. My sense of humor keeps grinding out jokes to make me feel okay.

One of my doctors took Mellaril once to see what would happen. He was very impressed.

Oddly (to some) most major tranqs (like anti-Ps) don’t work well on animal brains (owing to the significant differences in certain parts of them that we have that they don’t) and seem to have little or no sedating or calming effect.

Minor tranqs (like Ativan, Valium, Xanax, Klonopin and the other benzodizepines, as well as the older – and more dangerous – barbiturates like Seconal, Phenobarbitol, Nembutal and Tuinal) do work well on animals, probably because they work at much “older,” more “developmentally ancient” places in the nervous system.

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