My main purpose in life is learning to let go

Affirmed in so many ways. I have to stop solving and start feeling. I’m already down this path, which affirms it even more. Maybe I was never sz… maybe I just couldn’t put down a puzzle. I had to know. I neeeded to know. But maybe the things that mattered weren’t true, and the things that were true didn’t matter. Atleast in that which plagues me. And maybe the things that are true and do matter are simply known and felt. An energy… centered and right to the core. I can feel that, just if I can let go and tag along.


Sort of like let god?

No, unless god defers to me, the spirits around me, and the natural laws of the universe.

I need to let go of anger…I need to learn to forgive, and stop myself spiralling into hatred.

A windy god?

Sorry, That’s what came to mind. Or is that what god is? Do you have a job?

I’m not defining god, I’m defining what I’m “letting”. Please don’t twist my words.

Do you? Not sure what the point of this question was.

It’s a poetic way of presenting some philosophical bits. Great…I would like to hear more if you want to share.

I guess, sometimes in life it’s better to stop struggling (at least for some time). Let the things go in their way…it is hard but I do not see any other way of keeping your spirit high in a tough time. Instead of changing the currents direction, go with the flow.

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