My mad way

Just found a mad way of telling what voices are real or not.

Setup IP cameras facing outside the window, so i can tell when tv licence goons are at the buzzer - and one indoors in the bedroom, as a nanny cam for when baby arrives.

Side effect is - it has about a 3 second delay on it, before its played on my tablet. So if its an actual noise - it will play back. And if its in my head, obviously it wont.

Well - i dunno, i find it helpful anyway! lol :smiley:


I hope it works. That would be great.

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Man, that should help you relax.

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Emma got para over the camera lol. Yeah sorta understand when we are having relations lol.

Its just gonna be a private cam on the cot - with only us two having access.

I get many voices im unsure about - and even using simple logic doesnt make it go away. But if i playback the video feed, i will know then.

MH Services say “Always check out your voices” - then you will know and you will stop worrying about them. And its true. lol.

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