My lucky green celtics shorts fit again

so im wearing them again, i guess their next season will be more successful than their last when i couldn’t wear them haha. im still debating on if im going to watch basketball this year, or take a hiatus from sports. i know i get bored with baseball and football very quickly anyhow, but basketball has always been my favorite sport. the celtics are my favorite team, but i mostly watch the cleveland cavs and indiana pacers, because those are the regional teams that are on tv here.


they fit because last year i lost 37 pounds and weighed 132 pounds and they were too big. but i put all the weight back on and am back up to 162-165 pounds right now. i like being bigger, i don’t want to get small again.

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dude 165 is a sick weight i balooned to 230 since i started taking meds. i used to weigh like 165 naturally…

its hard to believe another 30 lbs and ill be 100 lbs more than i used to weigh lol…

weirdly enough i feel like i havent gained that much… idk maybe my weight distribution is just good. Is that a thing?

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