My lucky bird foots luck continues

Ever since I found my lucky bird foot it seems everything is going my way. And my luck is continuing. Hard to explain how, but ever since I found this bird foot

which is still unclear what type of bird ( brought it into work today and they didnt know!), my mood and luck has been great. my life has been awesome.

maybe im superstitious but this foot has changed my life for the better. its crazy!!!

I switched back to the e-cig after breaking my old one ( i bought a $65 one to replace my $25 one) and its awesome

hope my luck continues and the warriors and yankees win tonight :wink:


Can’t let LeBron win - I think that guy is kind of a douchebag.

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My thoughts exactly!

Btw I think it’s a ravens foot

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Hey, whatever works for you…You can’t argue with success.

Nah seabird methinks

Girl at work suspected a seabird too but check it out

i texted this other chick at work and she confirmed it she thinks its a Raven

its crazy because the book I wrote is called “The Raven Who Killed” and the raven is a big theme in it

things like this make me believe in God

Aren’t you afraid of picking up a disease?

If I die, this is how I would like to go out. I do wash my hands every time I touch it, but I’m sure that wouldn’t prevent disease if there really was a bad disease.

The girls at work (I work at a nature center) didn’t really think about disease at all, they were touching it all over all today…now you got me a little paranoid :anguished:, but like I said, if I go out this is the way I’d like to go out.

Peace :alien:

Good luck - meant in a positive sense.

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That foot wasn’t so lucky for the bird.

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Ravens are carrion eaters you know that right?

Warriors are taking this one