My loxapine is on backorder

The 25 mg pills, which is what I take in the morning, are on backorder. I tried other pharmacies too. I called the Medline at my pdocs office and told them, but they always just ignore calls about meds and you can’t call the dr to leave a message. You have to go through the Medline. I hope they do something this time. I only have 2 pills left


I used to take loxapine. I had to wait because the pharmacy didn’t carry loxapine. It’s not needed like haldol. Stay positive. Go to them and talk to them if you can. Don’t go with out your meds. Hugs


What’s loxapine for?

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It’s an antipsychotic that’s chemically related to clozapine


They figure it out for you?

Yes. I’m on Haldol now.

Oh so you had to switch

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Yeah. No pharmacy in my area could get loxapine.