My looks ............. 15

Oh, I’m definitely a challenge all right. No one is coming near me. I want some old fart that’s way past it, doesn’t cost a lot to feed, and doesn’t speak until he is spoken to :rofl: That will make for some stimulating conversation.

I wonder if we ever learn, or if we just make the same mistake over and over.

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Some of the girls here are HOT. They can revive even an old geaser like me.

Oh we learn alright. After my ex I now know what to look out for. I will never make that same mistake again.

Same here. I know I never want a relationship like the last one I had, even if I have to be ridiculously rude.

You don’t have to be ridiculously rude to get your point across. Use humour instead :rofl:

Goodnight Crimby.

Oh dear. I think I just lost another friend. :joy:

What makes you think you had a friend? Women aren’t the only ones who can play games and be manipulative.

Now, that’s a bit harsh. I am sorry if my sense of humour offends you. I throw it in every now and again in long conversations to break up and lighten the load. I found it was getting rather heavy and deep, and I am no intellectual.

Maybe you need to learn to laugh a little. I feel you have been hurt in the past and you now have a very low opinion of women, as is evident by your comments in regards to how easily you can get laid in your town. In other words they are all sluts and no doubt all manipulative too.

If you are trying to offend and hurt me, I was married to the best of the best. Nothing hurts me anymore.

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Yep, you can spot them a mile away. Definitely a woman hater,

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