My loneliness is killing me

The worse thing about this illness it is bad enough not being able to work paid but the worse thing is that it keeps me lonely

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I get lonely a lot too. Can you go to the grocery store or a library? Sometimes just being in the same place as other people helps me.

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Yes, that’s bad to have loneliness. For a start, may be you can talk a little more with your neighbors next time when you see them?

Alone-ness and loneliness are two different things.

It takes great strength to be alone and not lonely… but it is also one of the most empowering and attractive qualities a person can have.

We all have weak moments though, as soon as you start letting people under your skin… you’ll either love it or hate it… social compatibility is tough to find…

I’d add “book club” to the list of things you might want to check out. There may also be mental illness support groups in your area… don’t get discouraged shellys12… while you might be isolated in your life, you are truly alone. We’re all out here fighting the similar battles.

Take care.


bunny :rabbit: hug…i hope the new year brings happiness for you :heart:
take care :alien:

Psychotherapeutic antidotes for loneliness:

10 StEP –

(Hint: It’s all about getting into… ACTion.)

Also (definitely) worth reading:

And what to do about those “ideas” he points to:

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –

When I was young and at school I used to get terribly lonely. I was surrounded by twenty-thousand people, and I felt completely isolated. That’s gone away with time. Right now I live at an assisted living center for the mentally ill, and I have some mandated time I have to spend with counselors and other residents. Right now I am alone in an apartment, and I don’t mix much on the weekends. Time can weigh on my hands. I’m ready to be around others when Monday rolls around. The interaction I have where I live just about supplies my need for human company. There have been times when I was completely alone in an apartment with no ties to a mental health program, and I was about to go out of my head. I had every creature comfort met and I was about to go crazy. Maybe you can find some kind of day center to socialize at. In some places they have “emotions anonymous” twelve step programs. Just being around people like you can help.

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join your local social club for mental illness, socializing is very therapeutic, it really helps to be able to relate and converse with other people who understand your illness.

I get lonely seeing as how I don’t feel like I can relate to anyone because when I describe how my mind works in great detail people don’t seem to understand.

Like I was in DBT group one time and they were explaining an example of how people normally touch a table and instantly start verbally describing it with words in their minds and I never have any conscious thoughts come into my mind for anything like that aside from in like that situation where someone made me aware of the concept. I don’t even get the point in thinking things verbally like a table is hard or cold because I gathered that much from my senses. I would only seriously start verbally thinking about a table if I went to touch it and my hand mysteriously noclipped through it.

Actually it might be a sign of improvement. When my illness began my main problem was that I never felt like I was alone. Now the feeling I really am has made me more determined to try to communicate with others.

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DBT tries to teach the difference between describing and evaluating this way. Evaluation is always according to belief… which leaves room for distortion and mis-evaluation. Description is just “hard or soft,” “red or green,” “hot or cold,” etc. It’s vital for those with thought disorders to be able to describe rather than evaluate.


I don’t do anything like that when I touch a table in my example, my conscious thoughts are literally blank unless I’m trying to figure out a problem at the time.