My little job on the side

hi, so i was very happy to get a special badge for looking after over 10 bookings in my flat, i got it because they all said i was an amazing host and they loved staying here, i got 5 stars out of 5 80% of the time,

i have a couple booked who are staying soon and they said they picked me because they said my references were the best,

it also means that i get more interest, and its great all these different people coming over because we get to talk to them and its good for social skills and things like that.

i made about £1000 last year and i’m hoping i make a bit more this year, :slight_smile:


This is amazing I’m glad u find some concrete plans to make money and entertain yourself at the same time. It must be feeling great with the reviews. I haven’t seen myself excel at doing anything for a long time. Good for you.


Are you using airbnb?

its an independent company

That’s so awesome! I love to hear success stories like that.


is this airbnb youre talking about…???

just got my first guests of the year :slight_smile: so happy that they enjoyed their stay, and they wrote a little note thanking me as well, next guests are in a few days, wooot


Just updated my profile on my bnb site and I think its much better than before so hopefully the guests will come rolling in, can’t believe I got superhost status with that crappy profile lol.

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