My little brother's friend lives here now

His mom’s in jail because he got into a fight at school. I guess it violated her probation or something?

He’s going to be here for at least 30 days, apparently. It’s kinda weird, and I’m gonna have to be careful his social worker doesn’t find out about my illness. Wouldn’t be good.

Good luck man…

Having schizophrenia isn’t a crime.

Yeah, but it looks bad. If he gets sent to the state he might not see his mom again.

I think that is paranoia. living with someone with schizophrenia isn’t going to get him sent to the state. His behavior would do that.

nono, he’s here because his mom is in jail. We have to prove it’s a safe household

Ah. Well then in that case you probably have more to worry about from your stepdad than yourself.

Oh yeah, that’s true.