My list of Unhelpful Supplements/ Supplements that interacted poorly with APs

Okay, I’ve said I would do this a while back and here it is, my list of everything I’ve taken as far as supplements/ herbs (that I can remember) that reacted badly/poorly.

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Please read my list and feel free to add any of your own herbs/supplements/what have you which either didn’t work or made your positives worse. (Or better! :slight_smile: )

1) Supplements:

a) Multivitamins:

this didn’t use to bother me but multivitamins and zinc aren’t helpful, ditto with b vitamins, make my mild positives flare up, particularly high dose B6

And actually, B6 increases dopamine so this makes sense.

b) boron:

I’ve never tried boron by itself but it was in a multivitamin, somehow adding boron to my multivitamin regimen really flared up my positives. Too bad cause it’s supposed to be great for cognition.

C) ashwagandha

I don’t remember my positives flaring too badly on this one, but it seemed to me like there was potential dopamine increase, which was potentially out weighted by reduced cortisol. (Elevated cortisol can worsen/ cause psychosis )

D) rhodiola rosea and schizandra berry:

These I only took together so can’t comment on their separate effects, I think the schizandra berry was the bad offender more so than the rosea.

E) stevia:

This one was really bad, it was like I wasn’t taking medications anymore!!! DONT TAKE
Thought maybe it only effects risperidone, as that’s what I was on at the time.

F) Huperzine-A (at least I think that’s how it’s spelled)

Rather bad effect, almost relapsed

G) holy basil, AKA tulsi:

Relapsed, although I was drinking quite a lot of it.

H) basically any energy drink that was herbal

I) large doses of hibiscus tea

(This was relatively mild but didn’t help)

J) green or black or white tea

& K) L-Theanine

These ones are kinda a two edged sword.

Both L-Theanine and tea catechins can increase dopamine, however they also increase serotonin and GABA (which both lower dopamine) and are co-agonists at NMDA receptors, (which actually winds up helping negatives)

So, in moderation, I find they both can be helpful.

Just don’t drink really concentrated tea, gallons of it, and ESPECIALLY don’t take vitamin C and then tea at same time as C increases absorption of antioxidants from tea by 10-20-fold, vastly multiplying the likelihood of bad reaction and/or liver damage.

L) blueberries and vitamin c:

This one is surprising, but as mentioned above, high dosage vitamin c (about 250-500 mg) taken together with antioxidants VASTLY increases their intestinal absorption.

I had two handfuls of blueberries and took 500 mg vitamin c and A) about 15 minutes later I felt a burst of pleasentness in my brain, like I was high, and B) am pretty sure I hallucinated in a store later that day.

Luckily the hallucinations went totally away the next day, no relapse, but it was a close call. (I’m stable now, BTW :slight_smile: )

M) forskolin

No, that’s not a typo, there’s an actual herb called forskolin which is supposed to boost testosterone levels through boosting cAMP levels .

My mild positives flared up, slightly.

N) gotu kola: again, worse positives

O) rieshi mushroom: bad flare up of mild positives

2) Non supplements

A) meditation

When I was on low dose risperdal, 30 minutes of meditation (the kind where you focus on a white noise and try to eliminate thoughts from your mind) was enough to almost totally remove side effects of my meds, and I also had positives from that.

B) Anaerobic exercise / push-ups.

This one really only applies if you are an exercise newbie, as it’s at that point when your muscle gains will be greatest.

I went from around 160lbs to around 185 lbs, no diet change so it wasn’t from food, but I did around 500 single arm pushups for around 3 days for that to happen. Didn’t notice a big increase in positives, that time, but later I went from 185 to 200 lbs and had to switch meds from 5 mg risperidone to 15 mg olanzapine. (Cause the risperidone turned into like water/sugar pills, I had bad delusions of grandeur, tho no other positives)

Aso, I guess this mostly applies to biological males, but theoretically could apply to trans women or women.

Okay, that’s pretty much everything that wasn’t helpful.

What I’ve found to be helpful:

  1. soy sauce, low sodium, kikkoman brand.

I put about a tablespoon in a cup, with water, and it really seems to make my mild positives even milder. I have no idea if this is because of the phytoestrogens or if it’s the small amount of sodium benzoate in it.

  1. guava juice:

I drink about two cups of Ceres brand guava juice with pear juice and it seems to make calm my positives.

A caveat to these two:

These may only work because I may have a cancer or cushing’s disease or something that is treated by the guava and soy, as both are pretty heavily anticarcinogenic.

Or, maybe not. I have no clue.

Things I haven’t tried

I have yet to try amyloban 3399 OR sarcosine, but I will try them at some point if I get the opportunity


I just want to say that I love guava and guava juice. I had a guava this morning. Its the fruit that has the highest amount of Vitamin C. The juice has much less Vitamin C.

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As for supplements the only ones that seem to work are those that have prescription medication in them. Mucuna Pruriens has Ldopa which improved my negative and cognitive symptoms a lot but sometimes worsened my positive symptoms.

I forgot to add mucuna, I also tried that, in fact it was that which led to my first relapse (after being on meds) and led to me going into the psych ward, again.

Very dangerous stuff, tried to explain to the doctor it was cause of the herb, even that it has LDopa in it, but to no avail.


Well some here are on Adderall which is much more dangerous than Mucuna yet they didn’t relapse even on high doses. Isn’t that strange.

Yes that is very odd.

Maybe they’re on a much higher AP dose? Or maybe they’re brain chemistry is different?

I sometimes think SZ would be better treated by a dopamine agonists for a few weeks, get the brain receptors used to high dopamine, then remove the agonist. Kind of a reversed “dopamine supersensitivity/ AP withdrawal psychosis.

But that would be cruel to do, and maybe not even possible.

Hopefully Ulotaront will be better.

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Thats what I was thinking. Also Clozapine the most effective AP blocks the least amount of dopamine among other APs. It blocks much less D2 receptors than risperidone, zyprexa, haldol, etc yet its the most effective AP and is used for treatment resistant sz.

I think it’s cause clozapine affects the NMDA receptors .

Same reason tea doesn’t bother me as much as it ought.

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I developed bad hallucinations on Holy Basil.