My life...these days...past regrets taking over

I have been crying here and there about lost pets, lost loves, and my own personal downfalls thought my life…I wish I didn’t have regrets but it’s really strong today…my poor mother lives out her days without her husband (passed away two years ago) All of this makes me cry…life can get better but how do you get over losing pets? it tears at my very being…


It is very human to have regrets. I struggle with my regrets they r very painful. In fact they r the worst thing I hav in my life. I think it’s part of the reason y soldiers get ptsd


Losing pets is hard. I have 6 cats and sometimes regret it because I’m going to lose every one of them. It’s the price you pay for being an animal lover. I think, though, it’s worth it for the love you get and the way you improve their lives by loving and providing for them.


Just remember the good times!


You can learn from mistakes!


much love, Michael. all my heart to you. I know it’s hard.


I’ve learned from my mistakes and have been trying to live my best possible life. Being poor really limits me in life though. There’s so much I want to do and experience but can’t because I only get SSI.


I feel everything you’ve said here. I don’t know that you do get over it, you just keep moving forward and the good moments begin to outweigh the bad. But there are always going to be days like this. (Recently, google photos prompted me to revisit what I was doing on that day, five years ago. It turns out that I was watching my cat die.)

The thing that helps me the most is to let myself feel sad, really let myself feel it. I approach it like a scientist, almost, and take notes on how I’m feeling, without trying to fight any of it. How does your throat feel? Your chest and lungs? Are the muscles in your shoulders tensing? The tip of my nose always hurts when I’m distressed. It’s odd and I don’t know why, but it does. Just let yourself feel all these things and observe them, without fighting them.

And tell yourself that feeling this way is okay. You have a lot to be sad about. Happy, too - your art, music, Angie, friends, your home - but you have time to pay attention to those things later. Right now, it’s okay to honor the things you miss.


I miss my Mickey every day

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I miss my beloved dog everyday.
But I know that a good family adopted him.

I’m sorry @jukebox.

My father and Case Manager want me to get another dog.

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I’m sorry you’re sad, @jukebox. It can feel overwhelming sometimes. But I find that I need to be sad sometimes, like an itch… I’ve had bad things happen, I’ve suffered losses and I have ongoing stressors… it’s ok to just stop and be sad and cry and get it out. It’s ok to feel. It won’t overtake you. You will stop and move on. You do also have a lot to be happy about. Let that buoy you… :heart:


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