My life on Latuda

In a nutshell, doing better most of the day -less rumination about guilt, less “delusional” thinking, more ability to read etc.- but evening comes and anxiety and guilty obsessions return to the fore. Do you find this pattern to be a familiar one? Thanks.


i use to but not now, nights use to be the worst time for me, its a lot better now though :slight_smile:

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my days are usually good while im fresh and have something to do. night time can get depressing for me. although recently im doing better.

I don’t have any guilt now, but suffered from this in the past a good deal. I guess I just outgrew it and realized my discretions we’re very minor. guilt can be tricky, it really does prevent someone from feeling like a good person and enjoy their life. I hope you can get over this. best wishes.

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