My life is unbearable - I KNOW my goal but unattainable!

I want to join the Red Army for Revolution. Haven’t been able to get in touch with them :frowning:

My goal is to have no goals or ambitions. My plan is to stay on SSI and get subsidized housing in 5 years. I will not reproduce or commit any crimes; I will be a model citizen (minus the welfare). Hopefully, I will die in my 50’s from lung cancer or sudden cardiac arrest. I just don’t want to suffer anymore.

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Nice and beautiful plan @astefano.

Wish the best for you !.

I too dont want to live more than 42-45 either

My goal is to live wu-wei like @astefano

when i have too many goals i drive myself crazy

idk i dont think im meant for goals. i become obsessed, and then i become bored easily. its like a phase of mania which results in depression, when i make a goal for myself.

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I think your life will get much better before then… you’re trying many things, new treatments are becoming available - don’t get so negative. Work to stay positive and keep trying.


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