My life is the most inept

Because I have psychosis.

I’ve been praised and lauded for my personality, kindness, etc…but I’ve done horrible things during my psychotic episodes. I don’t even know what I did and I keep thinking of possible senarios of crimes I committed.

Even if I am innocent, I know that the fact I have psychosis will make me the most inept person, and I will not be lauded for my achievements because of my psychosis.

Once everyone finds out that I am mentally ill, I will be abandoned.

I believe I will die inept and worthless. I will be the least to be remembered.

I hate myself for being so inept and useless.

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Psychosis doesn’t make you a bad person.
Even if you have done bad things, you didn’t mean to, and you regret it. Bad people don’t feel bad about doing bad things.

You are far from useless. You’re a great friend, you make beautiful graphics, and I’ve heard rumours that your singing is also quite good. You speak English perfectly despite coming from a country with a very different language.

Your brain has flaws, but it also has talents. Don’t sell yourself short.


This is my destiny unfortunately.

Try what you can, and after that it’s not your fault.

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You work in your state. Stop being down on yourself, that’s huge.

You are only noticing the dark side of the moon. Don’t forget the bright side.

You’re trying to read minds and predict the future and you’re jumping to conclusions. And the worst part is your predictions are usually negative.

Once you start using words like “everyone” or “everybody” you’re not really thinking correctly.

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I feel the same way sometimes. Maybe try rewinding to the I’ve been praised part. You sound like a very kind person, and people obviously like your personality

Maybe just ease up on yourself for tonight

Its probably best to try and not focus on these things, I think you need something to distract yourself, idk what but anything to take the mind on to something better.

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