My life is scary

After they show themselves you begin to know things.

Like the fact that we’re all basically torture and murder victims.

They just threw us together with their super amazing evil know how and in turn killed and harmed us all.

These dudes are insane, really they are. A cycle of murder that some call food, but when you are gazelle you are just getting your throat ripped out, this cycle goes all of the way up man. These dudes are insane.

I can’t even bear to look at children anymore. I know they own these kids and in fact made these kids. I know how bad they are. A bunch of happy kids lying in the hands of great evil, psychopathic evil to, it’s a special kind of evil that just likes to watch the blood come out.

Every night it’s just me and them. They grab my mind and go “look at that! Look at it!” and the proof appears right before me.

Oh shhhhhiiiitttttt!

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i hope you are doing okay :heart:
take care :alien:

Are you in contact with your doctor?

Can you talk to a doctor MD?

They’ve done what they can yes.