My life is pretty good these days, no complaints

I have no complaints these days. I’m in IOP but I’m ending on Tuesday. Think I got all the resources out of it that I could. I don’t work now for 2 1/2 months but that’s fine. I’ll work again when I can. I’ve been reading a bunch of Taoism and it really helps me stay in the present. Sometimes I find myself complaining then I realize thereS nothing I should be complaining about. Covid nothing too bad has happened to anyone I know and symptoms in order. Still got my apartment. Disability coming in a few weeks. I am on a higher med abilify 15 mg. And no more Zoloft but lexapro 2.5 mg for now which is working well. I’m really happy about these med changes. I wish I could move or go back to school or Work or some of these things. But have to wait till the covid mess is over it seems to do anything. I could try to volunteer at an animal place. Ps Don Juan I’ve realized my cat is by far the greatest pet I’ve ever had

He’s just so great I can’t even begin to explain how much I love him.

I’ve changed my expectations of humans for the good and for the more realistic.


That’s great, oh and a cute cat​:kissing_cat::smiley_cat:


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