My life is my work

Do you agree?
Whats The best with your work?


Do you have a job, what do you work as?
I don’t have a job right now but I hope to get into office type of work like data entry. If I’m cool with the people that would make work enjoyable.

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A kind of cleaning job.
I work part time.
I love my job.
I have it til autumn then i Will see What i do.


That’s great

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I have a volunteer job. I love my volunteer job. I go to an hour and a half business meeting one day of the week. I act as the Secretary of the meeting and I am good at the job they tell me. I like it. It is fun.

Related to this same job, I also visit nursing home residents for one hour, one day of the week. I like this aspect of the job too. It is fun, sort of.

The trouble is, the people at this nursing home in particular are negative. They don’t like the place. And it’s been this way for a long, long time. They all complain of wanting to “go home”. I feel so sorry for them all. I’ve worked in a lot of hospitals and long term care settings and have never in my life run into a place like this where the residents were all so unhappy. I don’t know exactly what it is about the place that is so bad but I think it is that the level of care is so basic. It’s very low budget and there are no perks. It does not smell like urine or feces in the place and the residents seem to be clean. So, idk.


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