My life is back on track

for twelve years I have been in my own delusional world. my delusions where about Christianity and Buddhism and about the us government and aliens. I have been on clozaril and have improved 95 percent. no delusions, still have voices. I was living off disability and my caaccident lawsuit I won in the past.i was deep into drugs and paranoid of people. all of that has changed. I have gotten off disability a job as a manager at bass pro shops. I have been socialiable and have made a group of friends. recentely I have met a partner on match and have not been happier. life was hell for 23 years and now everything is turning around for me


After I read this I feel hopeful and sad also,hopeful that it might happen to me 1 day,it’s been 5 years already… Sad because I haven’t really achieve symptom free for longer term…and still had low mood and low self esteem

May I ask,how long have you been this stable already?

i am really happy for you.
take care

very recently i think i got on clozaril late january. started to get my life in order in march. medicine helped wonderfully in the beginning of may. it has been a really rough time ever since i was 5 really happy things have got better

slowly I started to get stable in march. things have been going uphill since

@jeff yeah I was thinking about going on clozaril, decided not too. Went off my meds instead, things have been going swell for a month off them.