My life feels out of control

I just want to be a good mom and family member. My brain is so.scattered and i feel like i can’t speak or understand what others say. I feel like a rock is sitting in my belly and my head feels massive. I am so worried and stressed. I’m always worried the government is going to take away my kids. I hate feeling.on.edge all.the time. Why can’t life be easier? I hate being sick.


You are a good mum because u want to b a good Mum. A bad Mum wud want to cause harm. Everyone makes mistakes and no two parents parent exactly the same so don’t b too hard on yourself. In regards to not being able to speak or understand, lots of people can speak and understand less and wud love to b in ur shoes.

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Life is for sure a curvy road. But the difference between you and others is that you have the inkling to be a better mum. Those who are genuinely horrible parents may not even think to do that. So that’s a positive sign for you.


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