My left ear

My hearing in it is still not ok . The olive oil being put in it isn’t doing much good.


Do you think you can get it checked up? I don’t think olive oil will help.

The nurse looked at my ear with an otoscope . She said there was a lump of wax . It was her suggestion to use olive oil. That’s a common suggestion for ears blocked by ear wax.

Okay I thought you had hearing problems. My friend has that and his wife uses a syringe to pour water inside the ear and the stuff comes out.

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They have ear wax removal drops. I had to see an ear nose and throat specialist for a problem like this. They were the only dr. That had the right tools to stick in my ear and get it out.

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My son had to do olive oil for a week and then went back and got it flushed. Worked well.

I also use warm olive oil to help an earache.

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You just need one of these. Not sure what you call it. It shoots water in your ear canal and flushes it out.

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