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I don’t know how to put this into word, but my last thought which terminated my delusions was they (inspectors) are “busy” to watch my behaviors and talk to me without rest. I admit that meds helped me a lot to get rid of my delusions, but my cognition which convinced me at last was they are taking care of their own lives and talking to me all day long seemed to be impossible. What was your cognition? :eyes:


This is a question for a psychiatrist…tell them what you just said…they can help you…you don’t sound stable.

I doubt whether my word is translated well enough and is understood. But I have no delusions now and I’m talking about the cognitions which made me stop thinking the delusional beliefs. :slightly_smiling_face:

oh that’s better…I misunderstood you…you simply became stable and the medicine made the delusional beliefs go away…hope that sounds right to you…

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I think that Limenlemon is saying that any real “inspector” would have found the task of observing her and talking to her all the time to be too busy or onerous to carry out, so therefore the sensation that she was being observed and spoken to had to be a delusion, and this realisation terminated the delusion.

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Sometimes it takes time for thoughts to be processed in your mind. Of course that people have more to do than to inspect you, the intrusive thoughts don’t help, overcome it I guess. So it’s not that easy :neutral_face:. Maybe with time it will get clearer, keep up with the meds, don’t loose hope on them :wink:

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