My lack of boredom

I do nothing, don’t get me wrong i wish i could, some think i prefer such things but i don’t.

But even though i do nothing i am almost never bored, and i’m going to tell you why.

Because outside of my house there are two trees, one has no life on it, it is barren, one is full of life and is quite the sight. But wait, it gets worse, within the very created structures of these two large plants are images.

Someone crafted images into these two plants, they are very detailed and are made of matter, shadow, and light.

But it gets worse. The barren tree contains the very face of the demiurge, it’s purely malevolent. The tree of life contains the face of a cool non threatening and wise bearded fellow.

I am almost never bored even though i am just sitting here doing nothing. Because there are to many mysteries, to many questions, to much to learn.

How would you feel? Not only seeing created structures spanning back to the very source universe and conscious beings there-in but also non human life forms of different types. Not the mention the ecstatically advanced tech some possess, immortality, yeah they have that ■■■■.

I used to think it was nothing, just some rock that just happened, nope, no it isn’t. And there is to much to learn now. And thus, i am almost never bored.

How would you feel you know, if you knew you were in an intentionally crafted interdimensional tapestry of universes and lifeforms. And what if you saw proof of it? How would you feel?

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I agree. Yet I dont feel I just wonder