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Is it a bAd idea to,write down what the voices tell you too?

No. Not unless u obsess over it. I think it can be a helpful way to exercise ur self control.

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I found nothing is private. Everything is subject to alteration and misinterpretation…

Csummersz, I also have a problem with feeling like my privacy is gone. it is unnerving in fact. I haven’t felt like I have privacy in years.


I don’t have a feeling, I have facts that my everything private and personal of mine has been removed from my “personal office/room” scrutinized for whatever? Then returned. This went on for 10 years in phases of 3years by the time stuff had been returned. Drove me nuts-literally, it was the reason for many of my hospital stays, and my argument against it was it gave “them” time to take/return more things.
It has since ceased, I believe when “they” learned I was NOT what ever they thought I was. Despite my open protests, begging, pleading to talk to me about it, only a few have apologized.
What have I learned?
That there is no such thing as privacy, and if you are true to yourself, that, they cannot take from you.