My inverted pentagram penant came in

The points mean earth air water fire and technical efficiency at the bottom point.

Pretty sweet


cool ive studied wicca a decent amount.

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For a long while i’ve sought the true meaning of this symbol.

It’s hidden from most who own one.

The form of a man though fits perfectly within it, and his dick and balls is the epicenter, ha!

And now pentagram fun facts: 72, 108, 36. 7+2+1+8+3+6=27. Hence the 27 club in the music biz. Also why an alien showed up when i was 18.

Maybe no one has it’s true meaning, you’d have to be the one that made it to know that.

Why not ascribe your own meaning to it?

I thought religion was not allowed to be promoted on this website. I finally read the official administration notice on religion.

Made in Navoo, exclusively for the kitchen .:innocent::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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Perhaps the pentagram is nothing more than man’s love for his own dick and balls. Right in the center!

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