My intrusive thoughts are worse

I’m having intrusive thoughts about hurting ppl in general but my insurance won’t cover a hospital stay. I just feel weird. I wonder if the Luvox is causing it.

Thinking about going to the hospital anyway


What dose of Luvox are you on?

Hi simon. I’m on 50 mgs in the morning

Some people take 100-200mg a day before it helps with ocd.
How was church today?

I didn’t go bc my dad (whose my ride) was sick. Brb

I am sorry @Loke .
I have to deal with intrusive thoughts and intrusive brain content.
My brain is very very often full of rubbish.
I hope it gets better, but it is not necessary to go to the hospital unless the thoughts drive you in the direction
of drastic actions like harming yourself or others.


I feel like I can’t deal with this

You feel you can’t resist the Intrusive thoughts?